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LED lights is the new face of quality and consumer-oriented LED lights & lighting solutions covering a wide range
of products.

LED lights are playing an important role in controlling energy consumption and their versatility ensures they have endless applications in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. will ensure that customers with these requirements can turn to a reliable, modern and affordable product. Our LED lights are designed to perfection, manufactured in a state of the art facility and tested to the limit before release. This allows us to proudly put the badge on our products and provide an industry-first “3 Year Warranty” on all our products. Aesthetically pleasing, robust and competitively priced products are the need of the hour in today’s rapidly expanding LED lights industry and that is exactly what we bring to the table.

Jay Precision Products India Pvt. Ltd. was founded 30 years ago on a sound principle:

“Quality before all else” and strictly adhering to this principle has led the company to become a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of products.

Our new venture aims to replicate the same high standards in the field of LED Lights. With this new vertical, the principle of providing quality and cutting edge technology at the right price will be upheld as always and our end-to-end solution to manufacturing makes us strong endorsers of the make in India initiative.

Make In India

With complete end to end inhouse manufacturing and 100% permanent labour i.e no contract labour, Xenin can proudly say that we are the very embodiment of the Make in India initiative.

Quality & Excellence

Jay Precision Products Pvt Ltd has always operated in a manner that provides clients with world class quality at economical prices and with the brand Xenin, we will bring the same excellence to the LED lighting industry.


At Xenin, we believe in the simplicity of providing robust, durable and efficient products to suit the needs of every client.


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